The Association is pleased to endorse Indian Franchise Association newsletter / magazine published monthly which contains information and advice on franchising.

This comprehensive and easy-to-read publication is endorsed by the Indian Franchise Association. There are profiles of opportunities, articles containing vital advice about buying a franchise, franchising your own business, reviews, anecdotes, updates and much more. Each issue includes new articles by the best of Indian and overseas experts not included on this official website.

We endorse popular Indian Magazines


India's most comprehensive and leading end-to-end business and franchise magazine, The Franchising World, has become a benchmark in its years of existence since 1999. It is a gateway to the world of franchise opportunities. The magazine has an exhaustive subscriber's base and is present on stands nationwide.

  • Circulation 1,00,000
  • Subscribers 69.2 %
  • Newsstand 30.8%



Leading retail opportunity and consumer insight magazine, Retailer has left its mark amongst the retail stakeholders comprising of small and medium retailers, retail professionals, suppliers and vendors and mall developers over its years of operation.

  • Total Circulation 80,000
  • Subscribers 27,000
  • Monthly Reach 75 Cities



The Indian face of America's #1 Entrepreneur magazine will give you all the insights you need about the entrepreneurial ecosystem of India. Learn the how to's and why to's of entrepreneurship and know what the best of Indian entrepreneurial minds have to say.

  • Audience 25,000
  • Subscribers 60,000
  • Institutional orders 8000


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