Business Details

Mega Store is Offering a Great Opportunity for Franchise All over India

Mega Store is a modern retail experience store. Primarily established in Kerala, at Mega stores, we promise to deliver a fair shopping experience with authentic & quality products. We aim to make the shopping experience quick and hassle-free. Our mission is to provide best quality products and services at the right price to the customers. The point is for a helpful living prompting supportable benefits to the investors and satisfying our duty towards the general public and climate at Mega Store. Through Mega Store and our comprehensive range of brands, including our Production Brands MEGA-FARM delivery that offer unbeatable value for customers, we aim to create customers that keep on returning for more.

Why Mega Store Franchise?

100% Quality product, free home delivery, online purchasing facility, cash on delivery, organic foods, E-billing, 24X7 customer care service, stock control and warehouse/distribution program, all branded product under one roof.

 We Guarantee No Risk …. No Loss..!!

Mega store is the fastest growing chain of super market in India providing our customers an interesting mix of traditional, modern and fusion retail shopping.

Mega Store offers you the opportunity to be in business for yourself, our role is providing you entire setup, show you how to do it, and then provide ongoing support to ensure that the business work efficiently. It’s simple, we guide, we create, we setup and you do it! We are always there for all your support without any question asked!

Our Franchise Models

FOCO MODEL (Franchise Owned Company Operated)

1)  Area / Size                                                      500 SFT TO 10000 Sqft

2) Franchise Investment Cost / Setup Cost         4000/- per Sqft (Refundable)

3) Franchise fee                                                   3,00,000/- till 1000 sft (Non Refundable)

4) Software fee                                                     Rs.50,000/- Per Logins

5) Agreement Time                                              10 Years – renewable

6) Franchise Fee (1100 sqft TO 20000 Sqft)       300 Per sqft


  • Company will pay the rent of the store of rupees 50per sqft.

  • Company will pay electricity bill of the Mega Store franchise.

  • Company will pay salary of staff working in Mega Store franchise.

  • Company will bear all the operational and petty expenses.

  • Company will do the marketing, promotions and advertisement of the super market franchise to boost up the sale in the store

  • Company will display a wide range of saleable product in the store.

  • Company will do the interior of the super market store.


  • Approximate Rs.5 TO 10 Lac Per Month

  • Company will pay 4% commission on total monthly sales generated in the same super market store.

  • Company will pay Rs.20000 to the super market franchise if he appoints a new franchise.

 FOFO MODEL (Franchise Owned Franchise Operated)

1)  Area / Size                                                      500 SFT TO 10000 Sqft

2) Franchise fee                                                   3,00,000/- till 1000 sft (Non Refundable)

3) Software fee                                                     Rs.50,000/- Per Logins

4) Product Cost (Minimum Order)                        Rs.2000/- Per Sqft Approximate

5) Interior According To Company Layout           Rs.1000/- Per Sqft Approximate   

6) Agreement Time                                              5 Years – renewable

7) Franchise Fee (1100 sqft TO 20000 Sqft)       300 Per sqft


 Accounting & Audit Support, purchasing support, Operations Supports

TV Advertisement, News Paper Ad, Radio, Pamphlets Support, Hoardings, Social Media Ad, Staff Hiring, Staff Training,

T-Shirt, Cap, One Store Manager Salary. 


Approximate Rs.5 TO 10 Lac Per Month

Average Margin on Monthly Sales is 20%

Company will pay Rs.20000 to the super market franchise if he appoints a new franchise

Company will charge 3% Royalty on total monthly sales





Investment Details

Date Commenced Operations : 2019
Date Commenced Frachising / Distribution : 2020
Are you looking for Franchise?
Area Investment Franchise/Brand Fee Royalty/Commission
Store Wise Rs. 10lac - Rs. 20lac 350000 -NA-
Master / Multi Units
Area Investment Unit/Brand Fee Master/Brand Fee Royalty/Commission
Country Wise Rs. 10,000 - Rs. 50,000 -NA- -NA- -NA-
Region Wise Rs. 10,000 - Rs. 50,000 -NA- -NA- -NA-
State Wise Rs. 10,000 - Rs. 50,000 -NA- -NA- -NA-
City Wise Rs. 10,000 - Rs. 50,000 -NA- -NA- -NA-
Are you looking for Trade Partners (Dealers, Distributors, MBOs, Retailers)?
Types of Channels Investment Margin Area Requirement
-- -- -- --
What areas are available for Unit franchise? : State Wise
Where are you looking for expansion?    
North West East South Center Union Territories
              Is there exclusive territorial rights
              given to a unit franchise?
              : Yes
              Are any performance guarantees
              given to unit franchisees?
              : No
              What is the anticipated percentage return on investment? : 20
              What is the likely pay back period of capital for a unit franchise? : 1-1 Year
              Are there other investment
              : No

              Property Details

              What type of property is required for this franchise opportunity? : Commercial
              Floor area requirement : 500 - 10000
              Preferred location of unit franchised outlet:? : Mall, Street Market, Ground Floor


              Do you currently have detailed Operating Manuals for franchisees? : Yes
              Where is the franchisee training done? : Onsite Training
              Is field assistance available for franchisees? : No
              Will someone from Head Office assist me when I open my franchise? : Yes
              What IT systems do you presently have that will be included in the franchise? : Yes

              Other Details

              Do you have a standard Franchise Agreement? : Yes
              How long is the franchise term for? : 10
              Is the term renewable? : Yes