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IFA accords a high priority to the development of small businesses i.e. MSME through franchising, the dynamic segment of Indian Economy. The IFAs National Council is the apex council for the Franchisors & Retailers. The council ensures involvement of the members, and influences Ministry’s decision making on all issues of concern to the Franchise industry. The National council is supported by the four IFA’s National committees

The terms of reference for the IFA’s National Council on Franchising & Retail for 2011-2012 are

  • To create a strong brand visibility for Franchising sector in India over the next two years.
  • To conduct regular interactions with the Government at the Centre and the State level to highlight the issues and concerns of Franchise sector; to recommend to the government, investor and Franchisors
  • To facilitate access to global markets and finance/ Credit
  • To formulate methods to improve the competitiveness of the Industry in India with regard to restructuring, productivity enhancement, increasing exports etc.
  • To assist small and medium enterprises with high potential to invest.
  • To promote the Indian brands in overseas markets and devise strategies to gain access to developed/ developing markets through Franchising.
  • To actively participate with other industry associations (domestically and internationally) with the aim of solving issues related to trade and investment.
  • To have a proactive dialogue with the Government to further identify various policy issues that need to be addressed in order to stimulate growth of the Franchise Industry in India.
  • To encourage Industry – Government partnership for emulating best practices across the world, a way to make the Indian Franchise Industry more competitive.
  • To professionalize and educate people in the franchise industry through research studies, surveys, meetings, seminars, workshops etc.
  • To liaise with various related organizations, industry associations, financial institutions, government department on matters concerning the industry.
  • To provide the legal information and current statistics on franchising.

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