Franchise Confidence Indicator Survey

The purpose of Franchise Confidence Indicator is to represent the opinion and expectations of all those people who are an integral part of the franchise industry, a domain that has received unparallel importance and growth in India over the past few years. The survey aims to explore the confidence in key measures critical to the success of franchising in India. It brings to light the attitude towards general business conditions and the basic indicators that determine the growth prospects of franchisors and franchisee respectively. It intends to provide information of value to all the key franchising community stakeholders such as franchisees, suppliers, customers, service providers and government.

Industry Overview
Franchising has been rampant in India for more than a decade now. Over these years it has been gone through manifold changes and so have the views of the franchisors on different parameters. Keeping that in mind, let us first discuss the key economic indicators that influence the growth prospects of a Franchisor.

1. What has been the current overall economic conditions vis-ŕ-vis the last 6 months?

2. What are your expectations for overall economic conditions for the next 6 months?

3. What has been the current industry’s performance in which you serve vis-ŕ-vis in the last 6 months?

4. What are your expectations from your industry performance in the coming 6 months?

5. What is the current level performance of your firm/brand in the last 6 months?

6. How do you expect your firm/brand to perform in the next 6 months?

Franchisor’s Confidence Indicators

Let us now look at the smaller picture. Below are the factors that greatly manifest the confidence of a franchisor in this particular industry.

1. What has been the availability level of suitable & well trained potential franchisees?

2. What is your opinion on the availability of good location? Has it become…

3. Has the inflow of cash in terms of royalty or revenue generation become…

4. What has been the effect (positive/negative) on your brand image/reputation?

5. How has been the marketing/advertising cost/per franchisee?

6. What have been the franchisor’s growth prospects?

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