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Offering consultancy for success

With its rich experience and customer base established over a decade the company is looking at setting up franchisees in 7 locations and are looking...

Last updated : March 12, 2013 IST

Hafele India

Häfele Germany was founded in Nagold, near Stuttgart, in 1923 to provide quality fittings to the local furniture manufacturers. Over the years...

Last updated : March 01, 2013 IST

Communicating profitably

Offering revolutionary Open Source Telephony Products, *astTECS aims to capture the fast growing market of IP PBX, Call Center Dialers, IVR etc in...

Last updated : February 18, 2013 IST

Artis(s)ans of profitable biz

Reckoned with quality, integrity, professionalism and expertise, Aartissan is a leading multimedia and animation education provider in Gujarat. In an...

Last updated : February 08, 2013 IST

Guiding entreprenuers to franchise success

With over 28 years of experience in the international business franchise industry, launching franchise consultancy in India is a natural progression...

Last updated : January 31, 2013 IST

Islands of joyfull learning

class="example1">The education is joy and learning is fun at Cute Island prechools. In an interview, Subba Rao K, Director of Cute Island...

Last updated : January 25, 2013 IST

Glittering profits moulded in passion

Offering reasonably priced high quality fashion jewellery that could be a part of every women’s wardrobe and day to day wearing, SABAR's, a...

Last updated : January 19, 2013 IST

Crusing ahead via franchising

Fulfilling the need gap of skilled manpower in the shipping industry, IOS has opted franchise model for its education business. In an...

Last updated : January 16, 2013 IST

Piping hot franchise opportunity

Offering excellent place for customers to relax, refresh and enjoy best of the best tea’s and coffee’s with wide assortment of food items,...

Last updated : November 27, 2012 IST

Fitted to profits

In a candid interview with Leena Mogre, Founder, Leena Mogre’s – Specialized Fitness Centre, the most prominent Indian name to reckon...

Last updated : October 17, 2012 IST

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Showing 1 - 10 Interviews out of 21

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