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Offering revolutionary Open Source Telephony Products, *astTECS aims to capture the fast growing...

By Himanshu Dhapola | February 18, 2013

Devasia Kurian
Managing Director

Offering revolutionary Open Source Telephony Products, *astTECS aims to capture the fast growing market of IP PBX, Call Center Dialers, IVR etc in India. In an interview, Devasia Kurian, Managing Director, *astTECS tells how the brand’s franchise model will enable the budding Indian entrepreneurs to make easy entry into the country's emerging IP PBX market.


Himanshu Dhapola (HD): What are the most pivotal moments in your career when you decided to come up with ‘*astTECS’?

Devasia Kurian (DK): The basic requirements for emergence of innovative product companies in any country include strong market, skilled resources and capital availability. India produced lot of services companies in the 80’s and 90’s, as we had a very weak market. Though, today the situation has changed, we are still crippled with the ‘services’ mentality, and unable to move upward the value chain. Backed up by my telecom background, I felt products based on ‘asterisk’ could provide an optimal platform to fulfil my entrepreneurial dream, as well as create success stories for the Indian product industry.


HD: When and why did you opt for franchise business model?

DK: Typically, a franchise program is best suited to synergise the power of hundreds of entrepreneurs into one stream.  Few months back we decided to extend our reach through franchising model to ensure that our cutting edge platform reaches a broad spectrum of audience right from small and medium businesses (SMBs) to large enterprise across all the Tier I and II towns.  Our franchise programme is focussed on creating a wealth of opportunity for Voice and Data resellers and SMBs apart from qualified entrepreneurs who want to leverage the revolutionary Asterisk based Open Source Telephony Products. The franchise program will enable an easy entry into the fast growing market of IP PBX, Call Center Dialers, IVR etc for the budding Indian entrepreneurs.


HD: What kind of training and support do you offer to a franchisee?

DK: Our franchisees would be a key component of our future strategy, since we believe that we can offer them the right opportunity to acquire skills, create wealth for themselves and value for their customers. Our training programme will equip franchisee with cutting-edge technology know-how and prepare these professionals for better handling of Asterisk environment and ready them with compelling new solutions that enable companies to more efficiently build, run and manage Asterisk applications. We will also support them with marketing and advertising initiatives at a national level and operations support whenever required.


HD: What are the attributes that you look forward to in your franchisees?

DK: The entrepreneurs and people self employed in business, who have the alacrity to share the vision and values of *astTECS in the field of Open Source IP PBX will be our preferred partners. The franchisees should be able to ensure commitment and devote quality attention to this business initiative thereby leveraging the revolutionary Asterisk based Open Source Telephony Products and rapidly growing IP PBX market. We will also be looking people who have strong managerial and sales skill with local knowledge of the city.


HD: What is your company's expansion plan in this fiscal year?

DK: We are working towards an expansion plan through Franchise Program in various cities across country that will bring *astTECS brand & Asterisk Open Source telephony solution closer to the customers. In this fiscal year, we are expecting to open at least 30 franchise outlets across country. Road shows & seminars are regularly planned to educate the audience & show case the portfolio.


HD: How would you deal with competition?

DK: Open Source based Telecom Products has huge potential in the coming years. Our Open source approach is a clear advantage and value for customers in terms of scalability, integration, better quality, excellent support and highly cost effective as compared to competition / vendors offering proprietary solutions. *astTECS aims to bring affordable communication solutions to the businesses aligning them with its strengths and strategies in the best possible way. *astTECS products provide an impressive feature list at very competitive pricing, thereby promising the consumer more value for money.


HD: What is your mantra for success?

DK: Innovation is the key to growth and has long been the success mantra of our company.

Since inception our focus had been on: creating new markets both in India and abroad; partnering with right solution providers; adoption of Open Source technology platform to accelerate adoption and reduce costs; training and value addition in services and support;

product variants to suit all kinds of customers.


HD: What is your contribution towards "Corporate Social Responsibility?"

DK: For us, Corporate Social Responsibility is a commitment to conduct business in a responsible manner that encompasses; our open culture based on values, environmental care, clean business ethics and employee well-being. This is reflected in every aspect of our business right from the strategic go-to market planning to our day-to-day operations.

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