Franchisee Satisfaction Index

It is a comparative rating created to measure franchiseesí satisfaction with their business and with their respective franchisors. This index is designed to allow us to evaluate franchises in different industries using standard criteria.

1. Would you recommend your Brandís franchise to another prospective franchisee?

2. Knowing what you now know, would you be likely to invest in your current franchise?

3. Where do you see yourself in five years from now?

4. I am optimistic about the long term growth potential of my business?

5. From financial perspective , my business has

6. Do you feel there has been a change in the marketing assistance provided by the franchisor?

7. Do you see any progress in the sales revenue?

8. What has been the level of operational cost of your franchise? Has it become

9. Do you agree with the statement that there has been some improvement in the training assistance from the franchisorís end?

10. Does your franchisor provide you enough technical support that you may call for, in the process of running a franchise?

11. Do you get the satisfaction of being an entrepreneur after working in the capacity of one?

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